GLO Webinar Recording- Girls and ADHD: How is it Different?

GLO Education Series Webinar- Girls and ADHD: How is it Different?

Event recorded: Jan 25, 2024

For this webinar, we focus on the diagnostic presentation of ADHD in girls (as assigned at birth) and review common misconceptions related to ADHD in girls, common signs to look for, differential diagnoses, and evidence-based interventions and supports.

Event Speakers:
  • Meghan Miller – Speech-Language Pathologist M.S., CCC-SLP ADHD-CE, Director of Learning Center Individualized Programs
  • DeeDee Clendenning Lee – Speech Language Pathologist, CCC-SLP, ADHD-RSP at Groves Learning Center
  • Marla Martin – Licensed Psychologist PsyD, LP at Groves Learning Center

Moderated by Nancy Segreti – Director of Growth and Enrollment Operations


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Meghan Miller | Director of Learning Center Individualized Programs
Meghan started her career as a Speech-Language Pathologist in 2014. She is licensed through the Minnesota Department of Health, certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), and a Certified Educator for ADHD. Meghan began working with students with Autism Spectrum Disorders and, through that work, found an interest in literacy instruction. As the Learning Center Director of Individualized Programs, Meghan leads the Tutoring, Summer, and Speech-Language Programs. She has experience evaluating and providing one-on-one and small group support for students, teaching classes, providing professional development, and developing a curriculum focused on executive functioning and writing. Her passion lies in helping students reach their full potential by supporting reading, writing, and executive functioning skills.
DeeDee Lee | Speech Language Pathologist
DeeDee received her M.A. in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. She completes assessments and interventions with students to support their speech and language skills in collaboration with teachers and families. She is passionate about best practices to support cultural and linguistic diversity for students. As a prior early childhood special education teacher, she appreciates the importance of coordination and perseverance to help students shine. She is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Education and certified through the American Speech-Language Hearing Association.
Marla Martin | Licensed Psychologist
Marla earned her Doctoral Degree in Counseling Psychology from Saint Mary's University of Minnesota. For the last several years she has worked in a primary care clinic setting with children and adolescents providing therapy and psychological assessments for ADHD. Her area of specialty is testing and treatment of disorders of attention and executive functioning. Marla loves spending time with her family and having large and small adventures together, from finding a new hike or new restaurant to traveling abroad together.
Nancy Segreti | Director of Growth and Enrollment Operations
Nancy began her career in the classroom where she experienced firsthand students struggling to read, comprehend, and attend. This inspired Nancy to begin her training in Dyslexia and LD and she began working with students with learning disabilities. She spent ten years working for Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes opening centers and supporting families across the US. Nancy's current focus at GLO is on expanding our reach across the community and ensuring that our teams are providing the best possible experience and guidance along a family’s journey through learning challenges. As the Director of Growth and Enrollment Operations, Nancy supports the growth of the organization by providing strategic and operational support to our Admissions and Enrollment Department. She is passionate about providing support to each and every family and student that seeks out Groves for support and guidance.
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