In 1972, Groves Academy opened its doors to twenty-one students and began to light the path for thousands of future students with learning disabilities and attention disorders to succeed and thrive academically. Since those early years, Groves Learning Organization (GLO) has evolved to understand the science of learning and the art of teaching. To advance our aspirational mission and vision, we deliver innovative, best-practice educational programming through the use of evidence-based curricula and teaching methodologies. We recognize and believe that all children are capable of reaching their full potential both within and outside of the classroom.

This unyielding belief permeates each classroom at Groves Academy; it is reflected beyond our school walls through the expertise delivered by our Groves Learning Center staff, and the unwavering commitment of our Groves Literacy Partnerships to be futuristic catalysts for systemic change in literacy instruction across the nation. Our skill and success in meeting the academic needs of students are centered in also understanding and accommodating their social and emotional needs. Essential to this understanding is our years-long practice of nurturing relationships with GLO students, families, and community members. In the end, we hold an ambitious vision to redefine how literacy instruction is taught – one student, one teacher, and one school at a time. This vision serves as our compass as we dream forward to ensure quality and equitable learning access for all children.

As you explore our website you will capture a sense of the care and brilliance that GLO offers daily to the students, families, and clients with whom we engage with. In addition to our mission, vision, and core values, you will see in pictures, words, and videos our vibrant program, our commitment, our care, and our passion. Guided by our mission statement, we are driven to provide the best possible learning environment for the children entrusted to us.

I am grateful to be part of this remarkable learning community at this time in our organization’s history. I certainly hope that your interest in GLO will be piqued by what you see and that in turn, you will visit us; we’d be honored to host you here for a tour.

Welcome to GLO!

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G. Bryan Fleming

G. Bryan Fleming