Groves Academy

Unleashing Confidence for Lasting Success

Groves Academy is the leading school in Minnesota for students who have learning disabilities and attention disorders. We are a renowned place of learning that nurtures and encourages brilliance within students with learning challenges. We understand the emotional pain that results when a child is struggling to learn. Our goal is to empower students entering 1st–12th grades to gain the skills and confidence they need to achieve lasting success. We work with students to build their literacy skills and teach them how to learn.

Contact us to speak to one of our expert Family Navigators who are well-versed in the curriculum, instruction, and extracurricular activities offered at Groves Academy. Each of them is knowledgeable about learning disabilities and can provide guidance regarding our school and other resources.

The Groves Academy Approach to Education

Transformative Learning Experiences

Everything we do is driven by our mission to build confidence, success, and purpose through transformative learning experiences. From expert teachers, small class sizes, and specialized evidence-based curriculum, to intentional relationship development, we want to light the path for our students so they experience positive, lasting change.

Explicit, Structured, and Multi-sensory Instruction

Our approach to education helps students who have the ability and desire to learn but face dyslexia, ADHD, or other learning disorders. We offer instruction that is explicit, structured, and multi-sensory. We begin each subject at a level where students can experience success before confidently moving on to more advanced skills.

Highly Trained Teachers

The highly trained teachers at Groves Academy combine their experience and expertise with care and understanding, using a diagnostic-prescriptive approach to continually assess and address individual student needs.

Illuminating Environment of Peer Support and Understanding

Organization and executive function skills are taught in the context of subject area classes. Students learn and practice essential skills in the process of learning, such as how to study for a test, how to take notes, and how to stay on top of long-term assignments.

Success Starts with Empowering the Student

The primary goals for students enrolled at Groves Academy® are to strengthen basic academic skills, to improve self-esteem, and to increase independence, self-reliance, and self-regulation. Both curriculum and instruction for students in 1st–12th grade are based on understanding each student’s potential, abilities, and needs. Students are grouped into small classes and are actively inspired in learning through multi-sensory instruction.

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Key Elements of What We Do

  • Relationships
  • Understanding of Student Learning Profiles
  • Evidence-Based Decision-Making
  • Classroom/Skill-Based Groupings

  • Differentiation
  • Appropriately Challenged
  • Executive Functioning
  • Belonging

Success Stories

“Groves Academy got our daughter back on track, renewed her hope, rebuilt her curiosity, supported her intelligence, and opened additional pathways to learning.”