Upper School Igniting the Brilliance in Neurodiverse Students

Groves Academy’s Upper School sparks confidence by bolstering executive functioning and building academic success. We help prepare your neurodiverse learner for a life of self-advocacy and empowerment. Our school challenges students with engaging content and helps them understand their unique learning profiles. Students further benefit from small class sizes that typically provide an 8-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio.

Groves Academy Ignites the Confidence of Students Who Have ADHD, Dyslexia, and Other Learning Disabilities

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The Path to Admission

Groves Academy lights the path for students to experience positive, lasting change. We help them reach their full potential for lasting success in school and beyond. Take the first step by connecting with our admissions team.

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A Curriculum That Sparks Their Thinking

We form all classes by aligning our students’ ages and ability levels. This creates an equal opportunity for learning and development that allows all students to shine their brightest. Academically, students will complete a core curriculum of reading, writing, math, science, executive function skills, and a variety of elective offerings.

For those students who plan to continue their education after graduation, Groves Academy offers guidance on taking the ACT and Accuplacer and helps students explore post-secondary options.


A Light on the Horizon for Parents and Students

Empower your student today

Neurodiverse students harness a “superpower” in how they approach the world. With this “superpower” comes challenges. The world at large isn’t built to support how their brains process information. Groves Academy helps students learn, decipher, and understand information on their terms.

Groves Academy illuminates a path to learning that gives your student greater confidence in and out of the classroom. We keep parents/guardians informed with multiple meetings each academic year, so you’re connected to their journey. You’ll see struggles transform into successes as your student’s academic brilliance is given a chance to shine.

“At Groves they don’t just understand my learning disability, they understand my abilities.”

– Groves Academy Student

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Groves Academy Admissions Team

Amy Hinrichs
Family Navigator
Amy Hinrichs joined the Groves community in fall of 2021 and has thoroughly enjoyed tutoring clients in writing and executive functioning skills. Amy is excited for the opportunity to transition into the Family Navigator role and connect with more of the Groves community, while also maintaining a number of tutoring clients. Her previous background consists of a BS in English Education followed by a MA in English with an emphasis in pedagogy and creative writing. She has experience teaching secondary and collegiate level students and then transitioned into a 1:1 educational setting that served students with language gaps and/or learning disabilities where students and their families gripped her heart.  
Abby Kirshbaum
Admissions Coordinator
Abby comes to Groves from Temple Israel where she was the Director of Youth & Camping, overseeing Temple Israel's day camp, Camp TEKO, and the youth group programs. Abby is passionate about creating community and helping young people find their authentic selves. Abby works with new Groves families and students putting on admissions information sessions, reading applications, guiding families and students through visit days, and leading the student ambassador program. In addition, Abby oversees re-enrollment where she works with families making plans for the next school year. Outside of work, running, dancing and biking are a few of Abby's favorite activities. She also currently sits on the board of directors, and coaches for, Girls on the Run.
Erica Sutton
Director of Admissions

Sarah's Success Story

After graduating from Groves Academy, Sarah attended the University of Wisconsin-River Falls where she graduated with a double major in Marketing Communications and Screen & Stage Arts (video production). Since 2018 Sarah has worked as a Digital Shopper Marketing Specialist with a team to implement digital campaigns at United and Natural Foods Incorporated.
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