Mission, Vision, & Values

Groves Learning Organization™ (GLO) is an educational ecosystem that empowers students to unleash their brilliance with expert literacy instruction for all students and supportive solutions for students who experience learning challenges.


We build confidence, success, and purpose through transformative learning experiences.


To redefine the way our nation is taught, one student, one teacher, and one school at a time.



At the heart of GLO is a community where students, families, faculty, and staff are engaged with a sense of belonging, sharing, and support. As a community, integrity and respect are intrinsic in everything we do.

We also value:

  • Authenticity: We are genuine, honest, and open in our relationships, our actions, and our words.
  • Collaboration: We gain energy when we are working together and recognize our decisions and actions are better when we engage as a team.
  • Compassion: We embrace others’ differences and value our unique abilities, personalities, and styles.
  • Discovery: We have a passion to persistently learn, explore, and innovate.
  • Tenacity: We are driven to take risks, to advocate, and to encounter challenges with boldness and a firm resolve.


  1. Groves Learning Organization is a nonprofit organization that builds literacy for students who experience learning challenges and helps all students ignite their confidence to succeed.
  2. We have expertise in literacy, dyslexia, study skills, and teaching the process of learning.
  3. We understand that proven effective reading instruction inspires all learners.
  4. We are driven to empower as many students, clients, and educators as we can.
  5. We celebrate our successes and differences.