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Groves Learning Organization (GLO) is a nonprofit educational ecosystem that empowers each and every unique learner to discover their brilliance. GLO is a beacon of learning, illuminating the path to literacy for all students. We have a rich history of supporting bright students who struggle with learning disabilities and attention disorders, as well as promoting evidence-based literacy instruction for all.

  • Groves Academy

    Groves Academy®

    Groves Academy is a renowned place of learning that nurtures and encourages the brilliance within neurodiverse students.

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  • Groves Learning Center

    Groves Learning Center™

    Groves Learning Center radiates our expertise into communities to help students with learning disabilities and attention disorders everywhere shine. We provide diagnostic assessments, tutoring, speech-language therapy, and summer programs.

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  • Groves Literacy Partnership

    Groves Literacy Partnerships®

    Groves Literacy Partnerships trains fellow educators in evidence-based instruction to help illuminate the path to enhanced literacy for all students.

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  • Groves Learning Organization


    Our educational ecosystem offers expertise in literacy, learning disabilities, and attention disorders along with the tools, knowledge, and support needed to spark children’s confidence and light their path to success. Our innovative understanding stems from nearly 50 years of experience educating students and includes the intellectual, social, and emotional aspects of learning.


Why Choose Groves Learning Organization?

Groves Learning Organization is an educational ecosystem that empowers students to unleash their brilliance with expert literacy instruction for all. It is our mission to build confidence, success, and purpose through transformative learning experiences. We combine evidence-based learning with the art of teaching to make learning an inspiring experience for all students.

We began as a small school serving students who had the ability and passion to learn along with dyslexia, ADHD, or other executive functioning challenges. Our students gained the skills and confidence needed to shine in school through the use of best practices in the classroom—expert teachers, small class sizes, and specialized curriculum.

We quickly established ourselves as a one-of-a-kind school for neurodiverse students. However, it became clear early on that the need for our unique approach to learning extended far beyond our walls. To light the path for students not attending our school, we expanded our offerings by creating Groves Learning Center.

“When I read with my son now he is fearless, and proud of his ability. The reading ability itself is incredible, but it has impacted him in a much bigger way. He is more confident, more compassionate, and more independent than ever before.”

Groves Learning Center empowers Groves families and the community with services such as diagnostic evaluations, tutoring, speech-language therapy, and summer programs. We also offer community workshops for outside school staff and families that place a bright spotlight on improving the understanding of learning disabilities and attention disorders.

Our approach to learning is grounded in scientific research and backed by decades of proven academic results. This glowing success sparked us to become a catalyst for results-orientated systems change in literacy instruction. Groves Literacy Partnerships enable us to share the teaching methods used within Groves Academy with fellow educators so that all students learn to read. We work with teachers in partner schools to ensure all students in grades pre-K–3 receive literacy instruction based on the science of reading.

Groves Learning Organization is the only one of its kind in the region. We are passionate educators using researched methods to unleash the potential in every neurodiverse student. Through Groves Learning Center, we support neurodiverse learners with diagnostic assessments, tutoring, speech-language services, and summer programs. Together with our pre-K–3 partner schools, Groves Literacy Partnerships shares our evidence-based literacy instruction with fellow educators so all students learn to read by 3rd grade.

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We believe your student will be inspired by the people, programs, and services that make up Groves Learning Organization. We also hope we’ve sparked a reason within you to know us better by exploring our website, contacting us, or coming to visit.

Groves Learning Organization By The Numbers

2021–2022 Groves Academy Admissions

  • Total School Enrollment: 253
  • Lower School:   94
  • Middle School:  88
  • Upper School:   71

2020–2021 by the Numbers


  • More than 90% of Groves Academy first-year students (grades 2–8) saw impressive growth in Oral Reading Fluency.
  • 63 new students began their Groves education experience and 29 students transitioned to 23 different schools (both private and public) to continue their journeys.
  • 12 graduates are bound for their future next step.
  • Students received more than 5,000 hours of tutoring.
  • 3,500+ hours of speech and language therapy sessions completed.
  • 612 diagnostic evaluations were performed.
  • 236 students attended in-person summer school.
  • We started the 2020–2021 school year in person at Groves Academy, the Groves Learning Center, and in our Groves Literacy Partnerships schools (with a few virtual exceptions). We were reminded of the power of relationship-building as we welcomed masked, but clearly smiling and eager faces through our doors once again.
  • 20 students attending underserved Groves Literacy Partnerships schools received a no-cost comprehensive psychoeducational diagnostic evaluation from a Groves Learning Center Psychologist through our Psychoeducational Assessment for All (PAA) program.


  • 11 Groves Literacy Coaches supported 289 classroom teachers at partner schools.
  • 100% of faculty studied more than 40 topics for hundreds of hours of professional development.
  • 38 Groves tutors supported students both in-person and virtually.
  • 61% of Groves teachers and literacy coaches have advanced degrees.
  • 21 Groves teachers and literacy coaches have worked at Groves for 10 or more years.


  • 47 partner schools and 5,500 students served by Groves Literacy Partnerships.
  • More than 20 school presentations were made to potential GLP partner schools.
  • For the first time, GLP expanded its impact to deliver summer school to more than 500 students in six Minneapolis charter schools and one school site of Minneapolis Public Schools. This new summer program was specifically designed to help students with the highest need through literacy training and coaching of summer teaching staff.
  • 3 of the GLP partner schools get PAA support for their students.

2021 Groves Virtual Gala

Every dollar raised at the gala helped provide financial aid for our students and helped close the literacy achievement gap with our partner schools.

  • 1,000+ attendees tuned in from coast to coast and around the world
  • More than $600,000 raised
  • Nearly $70,000 in donated items for silent auction
  • $58,000 in corporate sponsorship