Strategic Plan

2022-2027 Strategic Growth for Impact Plan


The 2022-2027 Strategic Growth for Impact Plan and Vision illuminates the evolution of GLO from its present state, to what the organization can become over the next five years and beyond. The Plan defines the vision, strategic goals, key priorities, and roadmaps and enables effective communication and action plans for the entire organization and its stakeholders.

  • Literacy is the singular focus of our expertise and experience at GLO. This strategic plan and our work are centered on improved literacy outcomes for all current and future stakeholders, as well as sharing our knowledge with educators and society at large. This is what we mean by Growth for Impact.
  • We will view this plan, and our work through the lens of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB).
  • We are committed to creating a welcoming and supportive environment based on DEIB.
Plan Comprised of 3 Strategic Pillars
  1. GLO Education Framework: GLO instructional philosophy and curriculum
  2. GLO People: Our teams; Employee value proposition; Reward and recognition.
  3. GLO Environment: Customer journey and market awareness; Building and setting; Infrastructure and data
Aspirational Outcomes
We will:
  1. Improve literacy outcomes for more students in the Lower, Middle, and Upper school divisions by sustaining and growing enrollment to 340-350 students by 2027.
  2. Examine and foster career satisfaction for current and future staff.
  3. Embed a strategic approach to, and representation with, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) across the entire organization.
  4. Intentionally position GLO as a thought leader in the literacy, learning disability, and K-12 education sectors.
  5. Ensure that GLO is financially stable and legacy-structured for further growth and impact.
  6. Strengthen our commitment to positively impact, and serve, under-resourced students, families, and K-12 institutions (MN school districts).
  7. Refine and employ strong research and data practices while identifying clear, compelling research objectives.

Strategic Pillars

Pillar 1: GLO Education Framework

The GLO Education Framework will be an expansive and unified methodology and instructional philosophy to impact outcomes for all students who come into contact with GLO. Specifically, through supporting the growth of Groves Literacy Partnerships, the identified methodology and philosophy will be applied broadly in traditional classroom settings to improve literacy outcomes for all learners. At Groves Academy and Groves Learning Center, our approach will be adapted explicitly and intentionally to meet the unique learning and social-emotional well-being needs of our students.

In the next 5 years, we will research, create, and evolve all curricula across each division of GLO to be the gold standard approach to teaching the students we serve and training our instructional teams and partners. We will make the Groves Education Framework accessible and equitable, and ensure it functions across multiple platforms. Key to curriculum development are instructional teams and partners that are well-versed and/or trained in scientifically based methods.

The GLO Education Framework will serve the immediate needs of all students across our organization and deliver expanded success, and it will provide GLO with future opportunities to be recognized as an educational thought leader. Finally, it will drive future revenue opportunities through sales and professional development.

Key Highlights
  • Unified and articulated instructional philosophy.
  • Groves Academy Curriculum Framework.
  • Re-imagined Tutoring and Summer Programs.
  • Expansive GLP offerings for all students.
  • Validated methodology.
Pillar 2: GLO People

We will invest deeply in our workforce to attract, hire, train, develop and retain great people who provide a powerful experience to all stakeholders. We will invest in understanding and enhancing our employee value proposition (EVP), including how we compensate and reward our teams, how we train and develop, and how we continue to improve our strong, values-based culture that is steeped in diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB).

People are the backbone of lasting success. We seek to become an employer of choice to attract and retain professionals who will deliver a powerful, measurable, and impactful experience to our students and community. GLO will become a stronger organization through the development of a well-defined workforce plan that identifies and addresses the gaps between the GLO workforce of today and what is needed in the future to achieve the strategic plan. Elements of the plan will include training and development initiatives, staffing strategies and organizational structure changes, and staffing additions to achieve our plan. Our people will have opportunities to develop and grow whether in their own roles or through new opportunities.

With an in-depth understanding of the GLO employee value proposition (EVP), we will be better equipped to provide an employee experience that attracts and retains great people. This includes competitive total rewards and recognition programs which will be a key component in the organization’s ability to attract and retain great people, especially in the current education labor market. Consistent with our diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) statement, we are continually committed to a diversified workforce.

  • Articulated employee value proposition.
  • Mapped workforce plan including succession.
  • Reimagined reward and recognition structure.
  • Defined GLO onboarding and training process.
Pillar 3: GLO Environment

The infrastructure, setting, and energy we offer to all GLO constituents promote positive outcomes. Over the next 5 years, we will research, plan, and, as feasible, build an exemplary environment tailored to successfully educating the students and customers of GLO. This includes bringing literacy instruction to all, training and supporting the people who teach them, and investing in the systems, processes, marketing, and awareness that provide the foundation for efficiency and growth. As described in our DEIB plan, we will enable inclusive environments.

A significant area of focus is Groves Academy. We will target enrollment to be approximately 340-350 students in 5 years (2027) compared to 273 students in 2021-2022. Growth is possible if we choose to optimize our current building by creating more efficient and effective space and/or through expansion to future locations. Groves Learning Center and Groves Literacy Partnerships also have planned growth through the increasing capacity for tutoring and redesigning diagnostic workspaces to be more efficient. Necessary increases in staff in a highly competitive hiring market demand that we make GLO an attractive place to work. Data focused on key results and student progress will compare favorably to the competition to enable us to attract the students and people we will need as we grow.

Key Highlights
  • Understanding the customer experience/journey for all students and educators matched to highly compelling marketing and awareness campaigns that will ensure future enrollment and successful fundraising.
  • Psychographic profile of customers and the market to support the above.
  • Re-imagining the GLO building into a state-of-the-art. facility to best serve our students, and the adults who support them.
  • Investment in legacy infrastructure, systems, and processes that more efficiently support the work done each day in all divisions.
  • Data and research that supports and validates outcomes.