Success Starts with Empowering the Student

The primary goals for students enrolled at Groves Academy® are to strengthen basic academic skills, to improve self-esteem, and to increase independence, self-reliance, and self-regulation. Both curriculum and instruction for students in 1st–12th grade are based on understanding each student’s potential, abilities, and needs. Students are grouped into small classes and are actively inspired in learning through multi-sensory instruction.

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Groves Academy Curriculum

Academics at Groves Academy include a variety of instructional programs and approaches. We work with students to unleash their reading, writing, and math skills through transformative learning experiences using our evidence-based curriculum. Modifications and accommodations are made as needed to empower students and spark their academic growth. We teach learning strategies to help students radiate success by breaking down complex academic tasks such as comprehension, written expression, and problem-solving.

We also use community resources to enhance curriculum offerings. Field trips and community service projects are incorporated into the program to augment classroom instruction.

Organization and study skills are incorporated into instruction in all classes. These skills include note-taking, test preparation, active reading, and cooperative learning, which are all essential for school success.

We prioritize providing a learning environment that lights the path for students’ growth in the academic, social, and emotional realms. Making friends and building a sense of community are encouraged and supported in classrooms and all student activities.

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Questions About Groves Academy Curriculum?

Contact Ellen Engstrom, Director of Curriculum, at [email protected].

Educational Technology

Access to technology is a key component of the Groves Academy success story. The tools that this access provides are invaluable to igniting our students learning. We ensure that the technology we use is age-appropriate and individualized to meet each student’s needs. Our teachers have explored and implemented teaching approaches that balance technological and non-technological methods to give each student the best learning experience possible.

1:1 Laptop Program

The 1:1 laptop program for our Upper School and Middle School has been in place since 2009. In 2013 all Lower School classrooms received a set of laptops to be used by the students in the classroom. This ‘always present’ model of computing provides an arena for student brilliance that is not available in other school computing models. Our 1:1 program is more than highlighting technology in the school. It is a way to examine education’s best practices and determine what can be enhanced by technology. The availability of technology and continuous connectivity has caused Middle and Upper School teachers to redefine how they collect homework, communicate with parents, and assess each student’s success.

Assistive Technology

Groves Academy is committed to preparing our students to use technology as a tool that levels the playing field for those with learning disabilities and attention disorders. The availability of assistive technology throughout the building has empowered student comprehension, productivity, and efficiency. Assistive technology tools such as text readers, voice recognition, and visual mapping software illuminate the student experience and provide the brightest learning environment possible.

Learning Ally

All Groves Academy students have a membership to Learning Ally, a helpful assistive technology application, and the world’s largest collection of audiobooks.

Ella's Success Story

Ella Beaudoin, a Groves Academy alum, is currently a Smithsonian paleolithic archaeologist whose research interests span from cultural adaption and resistance to colonialism, to early hominin cultural evolution and landscape use. She has conducted fieldwork in the U.S., Kenya and South Africa.
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