Board of Trustees

The Groves Learning Organization™ (GLO) Board of Trustees is comprised of members who represent a diverse array of educational and business professionals, and current and alumni parents. Our Board of Trustees has the responsibility to protect the mission and values of GLO, and to provide guidance on the direction and health of the school and its many programs.

The Board of Trustees meets regularly and each member serves on at least one committee or advisory council.

Board Officers

  • Meredith McGuirk, Chair
  • Deborah Sundal, Vice Chair
  • Dan Deikel, Treasurer
  • Scott Lang, Secretary


Board Members

  • G. Bryan Fleming
  • Tom Grover
  • Travis Hansberger
  • Dr. Kathryn Hecht
  • David Iverson
  • Damon Johnson
  • Cindee McCarthy
  • Dan Morgan
  • Susan Perera
  • Megan Prindiville
  • Ellen Stewart
  • Jennifer Weeks