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Katharine Campbell speaks with Minnesota News Network about Minnesota’s Read Act

According to a recent statewide assessment, only 50% of Minnesota students are proficient in reading. We’re leveraging decades of experience at GLO to help struggling readers successfully.

Katharine Campbell, Director of Groves Literacy Partnerships. spoke with Minnesota News Network about Minnesota’s Read Act, which was signed into law last spring, and explained how it could turn the tide in a better direction.


The 2023 Minnesota Read Act legislation is an important step forward in ensuring that all students have the literacy skills necessary to succeed. By requiring all students to be on or above grade level in reading by the end of third grade and providing early intervention services for struggling students, the Act is setting students up for success in all areas of life. Through this legislation, Minnesota is demonstrating its commitment to education and to improving the lives of its residents. Groves Literacy Partnerships is committed to future literacy achievement growth for Minnesota students and educators.


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