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Groves Academy Parent Perspectives with Amy Newton

Parent Amy Newton shares her first-hand experiences having two sons currently attending Groves Academy.

What is your name and how long has your student been at Groves?

My name is Amy Newton and we have two young men at Groves. Sawyer began in 5th grade and is now a Junior. Beckett began in 8th grade and is now a Sophomore

How did you first learn about Groves Academy?

Both our boys had done diagnostic testing at Groves.

How is Groves Academy different from your student’s previous learning experiences?

Both of our boys were in a Montessori environment, which served them well until 4th grade. The concept of “choosing your work” in a Montessori school did not work for our kids with learning challenges. They were not given accommodations, though there was a Learning Specialist on staff. We were told to “wait for the explosion” and “it is anxiety/depression impacting his learning”. Because private schools are not required to honor 504 and IEP plans, we had learning plans, but they were not embraced or followed.

How would you describe the Groves experience and community?

Groves knows our boys- not just as a number or a statistic, but as learners and people. They know their strengths and challenges better than we do, at this point! This is a great burden lifted off us as parents as we are no longer (nor ever qualified) required to be the experts! Whenever the teacher came to us with a challenge (which is very rarely), there was always a solution and plan. Further, the plan was most often discussed and arrived at with our child.

The community is one of empathy, grace, support, and celebration for parents. For the students, the same could be said – though the focus is always on what is possible and building the toolkit each scholar specifically needs. The days of feeling behind or different are over. They support each other and see one another as equal peers.

Do you have a favorite Groves moment or story?

After Sawyer’s visit day, he came to the car and said, “they understand my brain.” We couldn’t imagine a greater response! Beckett, who did struggle with anxiety resulting in tears and great verbal and physical angst, has not experienced an episode since he entered Groves’ doors. They are both happy, healthy, and thriving. Those descriptors tell the story we want to read and treasure.

What would you tell yourself if you could go back to the time before Groves?

Honestly, we believe all things led us to Groves at the right time. Had we not experienced the challenging environments, teachers, and administrators, we might not have trusted our own instincts and gone for testing. We encourage people to get the full diagnostic testing at and reach out to/visit Groves. Knowledge is power, and Groves is exceptional at informing and empowering both families and scholars to understand options and next steps.

How has Groves Academy changed your students and your family?

Our lives are forever changed because of Groves Academy. Learning and school are a joy now, as they should be. The individual and familial stress and emotional “weight” has been lifted. We now have scholars who enjoy learning and a family that has more fun time together, talking about the future, and enjoying the present.

What keeps you at Groves?

When considering transitioning, a wise teacher asked us, “Have you asked Sawyer what he thinks?” His answer, “Why would I leave here when they are helping me add to my toolkit every day?”, gave us our long-term strategy. After all, we want to set our children up for success – in school and life. Groves is uniquely suited to partner with us to work toward happiness, confidence, and whatever our boys’ definition of success may be.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Make no assumptions in terms of tuition assistance and Groves’ ability to understand and guide you! Even if Groves is not the right fit, they’ll work to inform, empower, and guide both you and your student. Not all journeys are the same, but Groves will walk alongside you on whatever path you’ve taken thus far and guide you as you consider new and different paths.


Contact us to speak to a Groves Family Navigator who is well-versed in the curriculum, instruction, and extracurricular activities offered at Groves Academy and services at Groves Learning Center. They’re knowledgeable about learning disabilities and attention and executive function disorders. They can provide guidance regarding our school, diagnostic evaluations, tutoring, speech-language services, and other resources.

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