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GLP In-house Literacy Coach Profile with Marissa Magnuson

What is an In-house Literacy Coach?

Groves Literacy Partnerships is developing literacy leaders in our local schools.

When a school partners with Groves Literacy Partnerships (GLP) to advance literacy instruction, the goal is to change the culture of literacy in the building and ensure that the hard work and learning become self-sustaining. 

Key to this process are the school staff who become In-house Coaches. In-house coaches are integral in providing continued professional learning and literacy coaching to their teachers. In addition, they ensure that the Groves Method® curriculum and framework are implemented with fidelity.

Interview with In-House Coach Marissa Magnuson

What is your educational background?
Undergraduate degree: St. Mary’s University of MN, Elementary Education & 5-8 Endorsement in Communication Arts & Literature

Graduate degree: St. Thomas University I’m currently pursuing a Master’s in K-12 Reading Endorsement that I will finish in August.

Where do you teach and lead as the In-House Coach?
I am both the Kindergarten teacher and In-House Coach at Immaculate Conception in Colombia Heights.

What do you appreciate about the GLP partnership?
I love how transformative this program is for our struggling learners. I frequently witness struggling readers rise to above grade level due to the repetition of the lessons and concept questions asked daily. Their confidence grows each day. 

What has been a positive impact on your team?
Our K-3 team has become very connected and solid. There is much more collaboration between teachers as we meet together monthly and share some of the same struggles and successes. We all are aligned on the same goal: to help all the learners at our school become readers. 

Marissa’s GLP Literacy Coach, Di Morri, notes, “Working with Marissa as she has developed into the Literacy Lead in her building has been rewarding, especially with certifying and developing new teachers and working collaboratively with her team.”

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