Alumni Spotlight: Mallory Taylor

We recently caught up with Groves Academy Alum Mallory Taylor.

I am forever grateful to Groves for helping my family and me. What Groves gave to me in life is beyond amazing.

How long were you at Groves Academy and what were a few key things you learned?

I was at Groves Academy for four years during my high school grades 9-12. I learned how to get organized, how to make my ADHD work for me instead of against me, how to advocate for myself, and how to research and to find resources to help with my dyslexia. 

What did you do after Groves?

After Groves, I attended college at the University of Minnesota, Morris. It was a perfect fit for me because it was a small school that came with all of the resources of the U of M system. Yet the smaller teacher-to-student ratio helped, and the Director of Student Disabilities who received training from Groves was super helpful with tips to get through college. The accommodations were amazing and they helped me choose classes and manage my workload. 

How did your time at Groves prepare you for your next steps?

Learning how to advocate for myself prepared me for college and the workplace. I was confident and prepared to speak with my professors, colleagues, and leaders at my job. Because of the help and tools I received at Groves, I am able to describe my unique challenges and what tools I need to use to be successful. 

What are some of your favorite memories of Groves?

There are many great memories! Being able to paint the murals at Groves (the big G in the Upper School and the big Griffin) was a lot of fun. The junior/senior camping trip where we got to do science experiments and have fun together was awesome!

Why do you think Groves is an important asset to the Twin Cities community?

Groves is more than just a school; it is a community of people who want to help. So many teachers and resources that Groves offers help people from many different organizations and places. The community workshops are beneficial to so many. Because the Director of Student Disabilities at the U of M Morris received training from Groves, she was able to help everyone who wanted help at Morris. Groves’ outreach is not just for those in the building it is for the entire state and beyond!

What would you tell a student who was new to Groves about the school?

I would tell a new student that Groves is a lot more fun than you might think it is. Groves is different from any other school community. On my visit day, I toured with Sarah Anderson and we became great friends. She is going to be the maid of honor in my wedding this fall! 

Anything else you would like to share with the Groves community?

I am forever grateful to Groves for helping my family and me. What Groves gave to me in life is beyond amazing. 

This interview originally appeared in the 2021 Summer edition of “Connections.”

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