Workshop Video “A Guide to Successful Writing Instruction for Struggling Students”

Presented by Ellen Engstrom, MA, Groves Academy Director of Curriculum.

Everyone agrees that writing is an important skill to master, but so many students struggle. This workshop addresses the difficulties that students encounter as they learn to write as well as how research-based writing instruction can reduce or remove the barriers that prevent students from developing proficient writing skills. The workshop addresses these questions:

  • What is writing?
  • What are the benefits of having good writing skills?
  • Why do so many students struggle with writing?
  • What is the foundation of proficient writing?
  • What type of writing should be the focus of instruction?
  • What materials are necessary to teach writing?

This workshop is geared to educators, parents, and others who want to learn more about an approach to writing instruction that might help students who struggle with writing.

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Ellen Engstrom | Director of Curriculum
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