Summer Is a Season for Learning at Groves Academy

Summer Programs at Groves Academy can help your student catch up and prepare for the upcoming academic year. It will give them the tools they need to feel ready for a great start at school in the fall.

Students love our Summer Programs (they really do!). The Groves Academy staff makes each course fun and engaging. But, something else makes these courses popular. It’s the feeling of achievement each student experiences. For many, it’s their first time experiencing success in a classroom, and they gain confidence in their abilities. Inside our doors, students excel, achieve, and succeed rather than struggle to understand lessons. We accomplish these lightbulb moments through careful class grouping, individualized approaches, and a deep understanding of how to support multiple learning styles.

Parents are also big fans of Groves Summer Programs. In fact, parents may like the Summer Programs even more than the students. They see their children succeeding and gaining self-confidence. It’s a powerful experience watching struggles turn into triumphs. It creates an immense sense of relief and optimism for parents.

Parents also appreciate the convenient half-day schedule. Summer is a time for fun, relaxation, and moments with family and friends. Kids need this downtime. Limiting the number of weeks and each session’s length prevents burnout. We plan our Summer Programs to allow time for learning and free time.

Groves Summer Programs Are Ready for You

You might be surprised to learn that our half-day Summer Program courses aren’t exclusive to students of our school or the Learning Center at Groves Academy®. In fact, the vast majority of summer students don’t attend our school. Ninety percent or more are kids from across the Twin Cities seeking tailored instruction that meets their individual needs.

Groves Summer Programs also includes a course for parents. This course is intended to improve our community’s day-to-day experiences and provide fresh perspectives.

Groves Summer Programs do have some qualifications for acceptance. The programs are designed for students diagnosed with ADHD, dyslexia, or other language-based learning disabilities. Our programs are not intended for disruptive or oppositional students, for students with a diagnosis of autism, students with a developmental or cognitive delay, or for students with emotional issues unrelated to a learning disability.

Academic Summer Program for Students Grades 2–8

Are you looking to get your elementary student a jump on the next school year? The Academic Program for students entering grades 2–8 is a four-week course. This class supports students looking to close the gaps in the areas of reading, writing, and math. Each class has about six to eight students.

Groves Academy creates success by matching students based on ability. Our classes are tailored to their goals and create moments that build confidence.

Writing and Executive Function Program for Students Grades 6–8 and 9–10

Is your pre-teen or teen prepared to enter the next grade level? If not, we can help them get ready to achieve. Groves Summer Programs offers two versions of our Writing and Executive Function course. The first is intended for students entering grades 6–8, while the second is designed for students entering grades 9–10.

Both courses are four-week sessions. They build independence in writing, literacy, and executive function. They also provide explicit instruction in a growth mindset, response inhibition, sustained attention, time management, cognitive flexibility, planning, and organization.

We group students by abilities to provide the best learning experience possible. In doing this, we create an empowering, confidence-building summer experience.

Academic Summer Program for Students Grades 9–11

Does your high schooler need help in particular subjects? Perhaps they seek support with multiple courses? Our á la carte learning sessions could be the solution.

Our Academic Program is for students entering grades 9–11. It’s a two-week course with three sessions per day. Each session focuses on one subject area, be it writing, math, or study skills. Your student can apply for one, two, or all three sessions. By combining courses, students create a robust summer learning experience.

Our Academic Program supports students as they prepare for fall classes. We build academic confidence in math, writing, or study/organizational skills. The intent is empowering students to reach their academic goals.

How To Cultivate Brilliance In Your ADHD Middle Schooler: A Survival Guide For Parents

Learn how to thrive as a parent of an ADHD middle schooler and tap into their brilliance. Katherine Quie, a renowned child psychologist, leads this course. This course helps parents embrace ADHD challenges and turn them into opportunities for brilliance. The program consists of four sessions addressing these vital topics:

  • Overview of ADHD and how it presents in middle schoolers
  • ADHD and the Impact on the Family
  • Understanding Neuropsychological Testing
  • The power of ADHD creativity and brilliance

Katherine Quie specializes in pediatric neuropsychology and neurodevelopmental disorders, such as ADHD. She is a mother of two and has written an insightful memoir, Raising Will, Surviving The Brilliance and Blues of ADHD. She brings a professional and personal lens to her work that provides empathetic, compassionate, lighthearted, and spot-on support to the ADHD community.

How to Apply for Summer Programs at Groves Academy

Are you interested in having your student apply for Groves Summer Programs? Our best advice is not to wait. Our classes are very popular, and the demand is high. You can find the current brochure, specific course information, times, and dates by visiting our Groves Summer Programs webpage.

All applications are submitted via the Groves Academy website. The application process opens on January 19, 2021. Early bird pricing is available through February 10, 2021. We suggest parents apply as soon as possible.

We recommend early application, but it will not guarantee placement. We accept applications on a rolling basis with class formation in mind. When receiving applications, we match our offerings and staff talents to the students’ capabilities. Then we make sure the students in each classroom align with their classmates. By balancing the skills, social, and emotional needs of all students, we provide a memorable, fun, and beneficial experience for all.

Summer Programs at Groves Academy Get Your Student Started on the Best Path Possible

Groves Summer Programs are unique from other options in so many ways. The staff, students, and parents come together, creating extraordinary moments of learning. Few things are more rewarding than seeing the spark in a child’s eyes as they answer a question, master a skill, or confidently tackle an assignment. That’s what makes the Summer Programs fun for us. That’s also what keeps students coming back each year.

We hope to see your child in our classrooms this summer. We’ll prepare them for the academic year and provide the confidence they can draw upon for a lifetime.

Groves Academy is a nonprofit educational organization with a clear purpose. Everything we do, we do with the goal of transforming lives through education. Through scientific research and decades of experience, we are changing the way learning and literacy are taught and helping improve the lives of students with learning disabilities and attention disorders. From our school to the Learning Center at Groves Academy, we support students who experience learning challenges.

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