Words From Our Heroes

As we all begin preparations to begin a new school year, we also take a moment to recognize the Groves Academy school faculty and staff who were the heroes of the 2020–21 school year.

Groves faculty 2020-2021 word cloud

Their resilience and compassion created and maintained a positive learning environment making transformative experiences possible last school year for our students. We asked the Groves faculty to share five words describing their unique experiences last year, which you can see in the above graphic.

Some candid reflections from our faculty, tutors, and literacy coaches:

“Even though this year was exhausting as an educator, seeing the students thrive while encountering great changes was one of the most rewarding teaching experiences of my career.”

“This year, more than any other year, I have seen teachers strive harder and deeper for their students. They have embraced change and the application of the science of reading to bring the best to their students. I have seen students grow because teachers have shown amazing commitment. Their growth and passion keep me going and constantly looking forward to the next day!”

“I feel as though my relationships with students strengthened through this tough time and that my skills as an educator did as well, as I needed to think outside the box and try new approaches.”

“Although this year was filled with many challenges, we also affirmed how adaptable we are.”

“Reaching outside of the box from within our COVID bubble made the Groves’ community stronger and more connected.”

“Our staff gave the best learning experience to Groves students they could, always keeping the students in mind first with every decision that was made. Reinforced what an amazing staff and environment we have at Groves!”

“What a year we have overcome with unique and flexible solutions. So very proud of our team!”

“The GLP team has rallied surpassing our own expectations for the past year.”

“The students and I sort of switched roles—they showed me the resilience, adaptability, and growth mindset, and they begged for more mindfulness and self-care activities, which I usually have to promote pretty hard!”

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