Top Tips for Navigating Your Post-Groves Journey

As part of the services we provide students enrolled at Groves Academy, our Transitions Advocate Kim Aune helps students navigate their post-Groves journey based on individual educational needs and self-advocacy skills. She can help them determine their student’s readiness to transition to a public or private school or determine if continuing at Groves through graduation provides the best path for a successful future.

Groves Upper School Counselor Michelle Jonas works with our students and provides post-secondary counseling to help students discover their optimal path. They work with Michelle to determine post-secondary options, whether that means attending a 2-year or 4-year school, technical school, taking a gap year, or moving into the workforce. Each year, an average of 18 students graduate from Groves Academy’s Upper School.

Kim and Michelle receive so many great questions from Groves families and alumni. Below are three of the most frequently asked and some suggestions to consider.

How do I navigate the college application process?

You have to visit, visit, and visit schools!

Larger colleges and universities have a different feel than smaller schools and medium-sized schools. Urban-located campuses will have a more divergent vibe than those located in a smaller college town. You won’t be able to know until you go.

It is important to disclose your learning disability to any college or learning program. If they aren’t interested in you or discussing this, you should probably move on. Reach out or ask when you are touring if there are counseling services for academics, emotional support, and job placement after graduation. Are the services free to students, and are they accessible on campus or would you need to have transportation to access them?

Keep track of deadlines for applications and submitted documents.

What should I look for in a college?

Resources! On a first look at any 2-year, 4-year, or technical college or university, can you find an Office of Disability Services on their website? Once that is discovered, do they have a level of support beyond the Office of Disability Services? If you can’t find this information on a preliminary search, you should consider moving on. This will be where discussions about accommodations and your learning profile will be conducted. Is there a contact person or director for the department, and do they have any other staff listed? Again, if not, moving on is suggested.

The size of the school and your comfort with the actual size of the school is important. Generally, Liberal Arts-focused colleges and schools, and/or those with a college of LA&S within a university, have proven to be a helpful opportunity for students with learning differences. Some can provide a more adaptable and flexible approach to earning your degree.

Acknowledge that your choice in post-secondary education may not be where your parents or extended family attended. It is YOU who will be going and YOU who needs to feel like it is where you belong.

What services are available to Groves alumni?

The Groves Learning Center offers services to students from any school, including those alumni who’ve transitioned to another school after attending Groves Academy. These services include:

Diagnostic Assessments
Individualized Tutoring in reading, writing, and study skills
Speech-Language Therapy
Summer Programs for Grades 1-8

An updated diagnostic assessment is recommended for students who are college-bound and beyond. Students who leave Groves may consider returning for an updated psycho-educational diagnostic assessment prior to their High School graduation or beyond. Students return to Groves Learning Center for an updated assessment as an adult as they are preparing for the LSAT, MCAD, GRE, and other standardized tests for post-secondary education.

Upper School counselor Michelle Jonas is available to talk with Groves alumni families about post-secondary opportunities.

Transitions Advocate Kim Aune is available to guide on accommodation planning through the High School years whether it is for a private school or special education (IEP/504) in a public school.

Other Resources to Utilize:

30 Questions You Need to Ask Before Choosing A College

K&W Guide to Colleges for Students With Learning Differences

PACER Center


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Contact us to speak to a Groves Family Navigator who is well-versed in the curriculum, instruction, and extracurricular activities offered at Groves Academy and services at Groves Learning Center. They’re knowledgeable about learning disabilities and attention and executive function disorders. They can provide guidance regarding our school, diagnostic evaluations, tutoring, speech-language services, and other resources.

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