Groves Supports Twin Cities Area Teachers Amid Growing Literacy Crisis

The recent New York Times article It’s ‘Alarming’: Children Are Severely Behind in Reading calls out the pandemic’s impact on our nation’s literacy crisis, offering that …the fallout from the pandemic is just being felt. “We’re in new territory,” educators say.

At Groves Learning Organization (GLO), we recognize the massive difficulties the pandemic continues to impose on teachers, students, and families in many facets of schooling, but especially related to the successful teaching of reading and the development of literacy skills.

Our Groves Literacy Partnerships (GLP) program continues to grow each year, partnering with fellow educators in community schools to offer hope, give support, and share our evidence-based literacy instruction so that all students learn to read.

Groves Literacy Partnerships

Groves Literacy Partnerships is so proud and very humbled to be working together with 64 schools in the greater Twin Cities area, cutting across all demographics, and serving over 8,000 K-3rd grade students just this year, delivering powerful reading and literacy instruction.

Ours is not just a curriculum handed to teachers.

Rather, it is a broad framework for improved literacy outcomes, including direct training, plus active coaching and support for teachers in their own classrooms while they teach kids how to read.

This truly is the definition of ‘partnership’ that combines the science of learning, with the art of teaching and proves that there are so many reasons for hope in the face of significant challenge.

Learn more about becoming a Groves Literacy Partner.

Request information about Pre-K–3rd-grade Literacy Partnerships.

classroom with 2 teachers and students
Groves Literacy Coaches support teachers in GLP partner school classrooms in Twin Cities area schools.

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