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Data Verifies GLP Impacts Literacy Gap

Grove Literacy Partnerships® (GLP) is closing the literacy gap.

Our school partnerships are closing the gap despite the additional challenges our partner schools faced in the last school year, which included distance learning.

Over the course of the year, the percentage of GLP students who were high-risk readers in our partner schools decreased from 31% to 22%.

Pie charts showing the 2020-2021 Literacy Risk Assessment

This data represents the oral reading assessments of 2,955 students in grades 1-3 who were tested in both fall and spring of the 2020-2021 school year.

During the 2020-2021 school year Groves Literacy Partnerships impacted 47 schools and 289 classrooms.

Kindergarten students in GLP partner schools* do not take the oral reading fluency assessment. *Nellie Stone, Jenny Lind, and St. Paul City School are not included in this data set because they use a different screening tool.

Important Note: These norms are based on data from a non-COVID school year. 

Groves Literacy Partnerships Pilots New Literacy Summer Program

New for summer 2021, Groves Literacy Partnerships® (GLP) expanded its impact to deliver summer school to more than 500 students in six Minneapolis charter schools and one school site of Minneapolis Public Schools. This new summer program was specifically designed to help students with the highest need through literacy training and coaching of summer teaching staff. This program supported both schools with existing Groves literacy partnerships and schools that were new to GLP. While this program was initiated to remediate learning loss due to COVID-19, we hope to continue summer literacy programs in the future.


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