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Maren’s mom, Anne, explains how Groves helped Maren regain her confidence and self-esteem.

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Before Groves, Maren’s goal each day in class was to become invisible. She would hide in the back of the classroom, not wanting the teacher to call on her or even see her. Maren’s days were the same; she would go to school, she would hide, then she would come home. Each night, she would come home with homework she couldn’t do. We spent hours trying to teach her how to do her homework; there were frequent tears and fights. We often sent the incomplete homework back to school with a sticky note saying, “Maren does not know how to do this.” It was exhausting.

Every autumn we watched Maren change. During the summer she was a happy, funny, and fun-loving kid. And by January her self-esteem would be gone. We couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Teachers and staff assured us she would catch up. But she wasn’t catching up. Fortunately, someone familiar with Groves pulled me aside and said there is this place called Groves Academy and Maren would thrive there. That stopped me in my tracks because I had never heard Maren’s name and the word “thrive” in the same sentence before.

Once Maren started at Groves in 2017, she came home and she knew how to do her homework. There are no more tearful homework fights. She knew her teachers and wanted to participate in class. Maren now wants to be seen because she is taught in a way she understands. She takes initiative and knows how to do it herself. She has discovered a drive she didn’t know she even had and her newfound self-esteem is off the charts.

“Maren is no longer invisible.”


Our world needs students who think and process differently to help us solve problems and build a better society.

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