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Groves Develops New Literacy Curriculum Available to Partner Schools

Groves Method logoThe Groves MethodTM curriculum is a new literacy curriculum being written and designed by Groves.

It is available exclusively to our literacy partnership schools for their K-3 general education classrooms. The curriculum is designed to help all students learn to read and spell using an explicit, systematic, multi-sensory approach based on reading science and nearly fifty years of literacy expertise at Groves Academy.

“I absolutely LOVE teaching with the Groves Method! I love the repetition of it for both me as a teacher and for my learners. It is predictable and I [can] easily set up routines to make the most out of our 30 minutes of Groves time! The repetition has made my learners letter and sound experts!”

GLP teacher teaching students

Groves has always brought quality literacy curricula into partner schools, but there have been drawbacks. Some curricula are too complex to quickly master and teach with fidelity. Others require extensive prep time for teachers who are already stretched too thin.

As our program has grown, we recognized the need to create our own curriculum which better aligns with the Groves Literacy Framework® and the needs of our partner schools. As a result, we’ve written the Groves MethodTM curriculum and rolled out a beta version in over 40 Twin Cities kindergarten classrooms in the last school year. This year, the kindergarten curriculum was finalized and a beta version for grades 1 and 2 is now available. Grade 3 will come out next year.

The beta test with the kindergarten curriculum has been well received. Prior to schools moving to distance learning last spring, we asked kindergarten teachers to tell us about their experience with the Groves Method curriculum, and responses were very positive. Over 85% of kindergarten teachers believe using Groves Method curriculum makes them more successful at teaching their students to read and spell, and 90% are satisfied or very satisfied with the curriculum.magnet letters

When distance learning began last March, teachers in several partner schools found using the Groves Method curriculum kept their students engaged and learning reading and spelling, compared to their other subject areas.

“I feel like Groves has been very beneficial for my students, especially at the kindergarten level when they are just learning their letters and the sounds. In comparison to the class that I had last year, my students seem to be much more confident in their ability to read and write.”


We are grateful to the generous donors whose investment in Groves is helping change the way literacy is taught, one student, one teacher, one school at a time.


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