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Daniel Morgan


Dan Morgan grew up in Madison, Wisc., and even after seven major relocations in the past 25 years, he remains a proud midwesterner. Upon completing his education at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Dan moved to San Diego, and launched right into his education career. He was fortunate enough to be trained in dyslexia and LD instruction and assessment by Patricia Lindamood, and spent the next 14 years at Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes working with students across the world, and across the whole spectrum of neurodiversity. In 2011, Dan shifted his career to Fusion Education Group and worked for more than 8 years developing and expanding their network of unique private schools designed for students who do not fit the traditional paradigm of education. Dan helped lead Fusion on an incredible growth trajectory, launching over 30 schools across the country in four years.

Dan jumped at the opportunity at Groves because it is the role and the organization he always envisioned–a place that provides everything: an incredible education, the right remediation and assessment with experts in educating neurodiverse children, and the capacity to support and serve public and private school educators in our community, and beyond. Dan is thrilled to bring to Groves his passion and love for supporting our unique students, their amazing families, and the incredible teachers and professionals who serve them. Dan is also tremendously excited by the growth opportunities at Groves, which truly has the potential to revolutionize how literacy is taught across the globe.

Outside of school, you will find Dan chasing after his four children, trying, and struggling, to help them with their Mandarin Immersion homework, reading every single food label to ensure that the family diet is strictly adhered to (a special decoding exercise unto itself), and trying to live up to his dual citizenship in the UK by following British Soccer.

Daniel Morgan